Episode 03: The New American Dream is Working Overtime

The Wayward Nation crew heads off to Denver next, to team up with pioneer Ricky Padilla for the launch of his new company, Brown Water Coffee. The stakes are high, for right now Ricky and his young employees are less than four days to launch. With an ever-ticking clock, Mikey and the gang decide to jump in “24”-style and put in four straight all-nighters, spreading awareness, coffee samples, and invites to the upcoming launch party. By the skin of their teeth, the party goes off and the guys learn that one way to the new American Dream, is working overtime.

The New American Dream is Dirt Cheap

The guys meet up with Emily Niehaus, who builds straw bale houses in Moab. In exchange for helping with the construction of one of her homes, she promises to show them how much fun they can have for dirt-cheap. And, the biggest takeaway for them is that there are amazing young people like Emily doing DIY eco-conscious housing projects with enough love and passion to fill our hopes for tomorrow.